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Rohan has been dancing and living the vintage music lifestyle since 1977, first in rock n roll and then rockabilly clubs.

He developed a taste for roots music from a very early age due to the fact his father was always pumping out ska, mento, calypso, rhythm and blues, rock n roll, jazz, gospel and reggae on the radiogram.

He then developed a taste for being a disk jockey when he was asked to play a few records whilst the dj went for a smoke, and from that moment  was hooked for life.

Rohan was disillusioned by the narrow margin of music being aired on the vintage scene at the time. 

So in 1984 he started a club in New Cross, London, which although short lived created a buzz.

Then in 1986 increasingly disillusioned and frustrated by the lack of Black roots music not being aired he was inspired to start the Fortissimo in London's West End.

This new buzz had hungry enthusiasts and the curious alike flocking in from all over the UK and abroad into the tiny and ramshackle Whispers Nightclub on Charing Cross Road, London.

With his then partner and hostess Cherry Parker ,The Fortissimo did what it said on the tin, and 40s/50s swing, rhythm and blues, calypso, zydeco, blues, rock n roll, cajun, doo wop and even more genres of predominantly Black music from these eras BOOMED, and the atmosphere vibed with Rohan's evangelical outbursts. Organiser Lesley Allen came on board, and The Fortissimo grew from strength to strength in its reputation, putting on events all over London  including  The Southbank, The Royal Festival Hall, The Dublin Castle, The Monarch, The Water Rats, Camden Town Hall to name just to name a few.

The Fortissimo also made appearances at vintage weekenders , on T.V, radio, video and in magazines and newspapers in the UK and abroad.